Catalog SKU Building

Catalog & SKU Building

SKUs or Stock Keeping Units are item identification numbers that are used to uniquely identify items that you carry in your inventory – and the last thing you need is duplicated, inaccurate or unrecorded SKUs in your inventory. Wise Nestor can provide a solution that takes the guesswork out of SKU management, whether you are relying on creating your own or on the manufacturer's codes.

Moreover, keeping in mind your ecommerce requirements, merely having an inventory with updated SKUs is not enough. You will also have to ensure that they are properly built to compliment your customer's buying experience so that they are easy to navigate and make purchases from.

Building a competent and optimized SKU strategy is time consuming and energy / resource draining, especially when your core competencies lie in other domains. We will help you build quality SKUs that are both detailed and optimized for purchases and multiple transactions.

SKU Building
Our SKU building processes include both content gathering and normalization:

Content Gathering – Our SKU analysts gather data directly from manufacturer sources which is then evaluated for completeness and accuracy.

Normalization – Here, the data captured from a variety of sources is aligned to form a concise and discrete list of values. Normalization tasks range from simple formatting to a conceptual evaluation of values with like-meanings. Our analysts research individual products and even values to ensure clear and accurate selections are available in a faceted search environment.

Quality Content Gathering and Normalization help in the production of robust product data on which faceted and keyword search operate. Your shoppers will experience concise search results with fewer page views. In short, shopping becomes easier and more enjoyable leading to increased conversion rates.