Web Design & Redesign

Web Design & Redesign

First impressions make the best impressions. Consumers these days are quite finicky; given the levels of information dissemination available today, they are an aware, in fact, a keenly aware lot. And, given the plethora of choices and the multitude of channels facing them, their attention spans have fragmented.

You must be able to make your first digital impressions count or your customers can be gone, possibly never to return. There are too many hungry sharks hanging out out there, in digital waters.

Web design is not just about getting and putting together great visuals and catchy content. You must have visually pleasing imagery and quality content, the content that your audience (have you researched your audience?) seeks, content that seems to hold your audience's attention for more than a few microspans of time.

Web Designing and Development

And, you must bring these together through a coherent structure that meshes clean, crisp and professional design with the latest technologies to create a web presence that is intuitive, easy to navigate, quick to locate and delivers your message, with impact.

The web design professionals at Wise Nestor have skillsets that embrace the latest technologies – ColdFusion, ASP, Java, PHP, Flash, HTML 5 etc, are very well conversant with the latest design and aesthetic trends and have proven domain delivery skills that include ecommerce solutions delivery. They look forward to listening to you, understanding your business and functional requirements and delivering clear, logically structured, easily scalable and user-manageable solutions.

Website Redesign

If you have legacy systems that you feel are not able to cope with today's demands, we will only be too happy to look into them and suggest a way forward.

Technologies, trends, search engine algorithms that determine site- and page-rankings and even regulations governing the Internet have been evolving at a rapid pace. Just, consider this: several years ago, dynamic interactivity was a luxury; today it is the norm. And, with the advent of smartphones, responsive design that embraces a design philosophy that fits all devices has become de facto.

You must be able to make sense of and keep pace with such a rapidly evolving cyberscape. We will help you improve your design outlook and replace outdated methodologies. Your website will once again be up to cutting-edge standards of design, navigation and functionality. We will also support your efforts in providing your visitors with new, exciting experiences and improved usability. Watch, as your audience's overall perception of your website and brand becomes enhanced.