Translation, Transcription & Localization

Language – Translation, Transcription & Localization

You may be thinking of taking your business international or you may have to deal with an international clientele or you may have to transact with vendors, product / material suppliers or business associates abroad. Whether you require translation services to help meet a one-off need or on a regular basis, Wise Nestor will help you overcome the language barrier. We provide a bouquet of language services covering many languages and dialects from across the world.

If you need to get a technical document translated into German or make sense of a supplier agreement in Mandarin from your vendor in China or wish to provide letters of introduction in Japanese, you need look no further than Wise Nestor.

Wise Nestor's range of language services can cover document translation, transliteration, transcription and localization needs. To start out with, we will take the effort to understand your needs, your business domain / speciality and the subject matter of the content to be worked upon. We will then analyze the content involved to find the right translator. We can also identify and work with technical specialists and industry experts who also have the required language-specific skills.


You may require certified translations for meeting legal, immigration, banking, commercial, technical or other purposes. Certification requires an official stamp from an appropriate authority attesting that the translation is accurate. Wise Nestor will help you meet the quality standards required of such translations while also assisting you get the required certification stamp.

Localization is yet another language service that we specialize in. For instance, take French. Do you think that the French spoken in New Orleans is the same as the French spoken in Ontario or Quebec? How about the French spoken in Belgium? Would it be the same as the French spoken in France? Would they all be française?

We recognize that there are differences in how a language is spoken and used across dialects and across populations. Our pool of translators can help you recognize and capture the peculiarities of language use; this helps us deliver more precise translations and communications.