Image Optimization

Image Optimization

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Images are incredibly important from a user experience perspective. They add richness to your content, can support content in many ways and, can also help you do away with redundant content.

As a business you could be using images in several different contexts. You could be using them to support your print media compositions, you could be using them to drive traditional advertising (think billboards, brochures, posters, leaflets, old-fashioned mailers etc) efforts and, more importantly given the digital times that we live in, you could be using images to define your web presence and, as an integral part of all your digital branding and marketing activities.

Image Optimization

With digital media embracing mobile technology your images should be reachable and viewable on every viewport – whether it is a desktop screen, a laptop, a mobile, a tablet, a human eye or Google Glass! Optimizing your images to every device and to every communication channel, traditional or digital is not an easy task.

And, while DIY-image optimization software exist, can they really help you to adapt all your images to every channel, every screen and every eyeball without compromising on quality? Be honest! Remember, images can make or break a web page; they can complement or hinder your SEO efforts.

Use a professional service to optimize and prep your images for every task that faces them. Wise Nestor's Digital Services team can help you:

  • Retouch digital images to your high standards
  • Provide image enhancements including color space conversions, scanning, outlines/silhouettes, drop shadows, ghosting etc
  • Manipulate photographs
  • Edit for color quality
  • Crop, Sharpen and Condense
  • Merge multiple images
  • Create special effects for great visual results