Email & Live Chat

Email & Live Chat

Creating and building up a business takes time and effort. Neglect your customers or attend to their grievances too late or too inadequately and you will be left picking up the debris. Sales, Advertising, Operations, Research – these are the glamor boys; customer service usually comes in a poor second. Recognizing customer service as an equal partner in your business building is an important first step.

Next is putting together an “enabled” customer services team along with well thought-out processes. However, the nitty gritties of customer service may not be your forte. Or, you may be looking at a customer service option that is cost-effective yet does not compromise on your “quality customer service, first time, every time” motto.

Chat Support

If you are an online business or you are heavily dependent on your online channel to sell your products or services, it is even more important that you be able to respond to your customers real-time and in a satisfactory manner. Any delay in responding to a customer or prospect can result in the loss of that customer (and prospects referred through that customers) or failure to convert an interested prospect into a customer.

Wise Nestor can provide you with 24/7 interactive response services through the email and live chat delivery channels. As a first step, Wise Nestor will understand your business and delivery models and your expectations from a customer response service. We will then, in consultation with you, draft fool-proof response processes. These will then be transferred to our customer service representatives along with detailed product / service training.

Advantages of Wise Nestor's Email & Live Chat Service Bouquet
  • Round the clock availability
  • Can respond instantly to customers and visitors
  • Help convert visitors into customers
  • Less expensive than call center solutions while still being real-time
  • Can also help cross-sell and up-sell
  • Reduce customer attrition
  • Can easily ramp up to meet peak season and offer-driven demand
  • Can help collect data that can power your analytics efforts; you can not just understand but also predict your customers' evolving trends and changing expectations and respond pro-actively