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Content Writing

You may have an extensive inventory along with a great product line. You also have a great PPC program which brings in customer traffic to your ecommerce site where customers can quickly pick up your products. Yet, sales are not what they were expected to be. How do you bridge the big gap between bringing in prospects and converting them to customers?

Believe it or not, the words that you use (or don't use) to present / describe your products can help you make or break a sale. We are not saying that product descriptions or product summaries are the only factor to influence conversions but they play a key part in influencing a consumer's online preferences. Think of product descriptions as the sales assistants in your online product showroom.

Unique Product Descriptions

A visitor may be looking for a specific product but he/she may still be undecided on many counts – the features, the pricing, the looks, the amount of work and maintenance the product will involve etc. A good product summary will help guide your customers and visitors and anticipate and answer their questions, even those relating to technical issues, in a simple, crisp and compact manner (remember, today's customers are an impatient lot).

But, if you thought that you could get away with using a successful product summary used by a competitor (if both of you are selling the same products) or by using the manufacturer's product description, you will need to think again. Google's Farmer / Panda algorithms punish sites that use regurgitated content; result: lower page rankings for your products. How on earth would you expect Google (or any search engine) to rank 100 ecommerce sites that carry the same product description?

The only way out is to create and publish original and compelling content. And, this is where Wise Nestor can help you. Wise Nestor's product summaries are not just original and useful they can help:

  • Create an emotional connect with your visitors
  • Make them take action through compelling calls-to-action
  • Improve conversions and increase RoI
  • Search engines notice your site through original content infused appropriately with relevant and well-considered SEO keywords