Welcome to Wise Nestor!

Founded in 2010, Wise Nestor has an enterprising management team with many years of experience in leading and managing a full suite of design, web design, ecommerce and BPO processes.

Our core team comprises:
  • Creative Experts, web designers and web programmers equipped with the latest knowledge and hands-on experience in design trends including responsive design and the latest web technologies.
  • Content and copy writers who can come up SEO-friendly content, engaging banners and motivating calls-to-action for a variety of web, ecommerce, blog and social media purposes.
  • Professional and well trained customer care executives who can respond instantly and appropriately to customer queries and grievances and prospect overtures. We take the time and effort necessary to understand customer impacting processes in detail and provide exhaustive soft-skill and process nitty-gritty training to our customer care representatives...

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